It’s All About the Pulp

As a designer, I always have to consider where my work is going to live. For print projects, that means reviewing and testing paper samples early on in the design process. And this week, for a project we’re working on, some very pretty and very big sheet samples have come into the office.

The paper samples we’re testing come from Mohawk and Neenah, two respected paper mills. I highly recommend checking out both websites; they seem to have been recently redesigned and are very user-friendly.

For this project, we chose to complement our client’s color palette with paper in softer hues of green and pink in 70-lb text and 80-lb cover stock from Mohawk, Windsor blue in 80-lb text from Neenah, and aubergine 100-lb cover stock from Neenah.

In this instance, going with a colored paper is proving to be a great way to add another layer of design to our client’s brand identity.