Better Sleep = Better Work

I’ve been a long-time fan of Kevin Rose ever since his Diggnation podcast that ran from 2005 to 2011. Rose hosted, along with Alex Albrecht, the weekly podcast that covered the top stories from through an alcohol-fueled lens; Rose and Albrecht always “reviewed” various drinks during the show. Rose has had a handful of ventures since ending the Diggnation podcast with his latest side-project, The Journal. The monthly podcast also has an email newsletter companion.

Rose interviews influential people on the podcast from various industries, and the conversations are really insightful. The email newsletter includes a recap of the conversation as well as other apps, stories or TED Talks that Rose has discovered over the past month and thinks are worthy of your time.

The latest episode features Jason Fried, founder and CEO of Basecamp and co-author of Getting Real, REMOTE and the New York Times bestseller REWORK (all available here). I was instantly hooked on Fried’s views after reading REWORK a few years ago. His approach to the modern-day workplace is refreshing and inspiring. I’m always amazed at how he views work and the constant evolution of it in order to find the best approach. We’ve used Basecamp here at Block Club for years, and don’t know what we’d do without it. Listen here:

One idea that really stood out to me in this latest podcast is how Fried is currently looking to reward members of his team that get a full night’s sleep. He looks at sleep as being one of the most important activities for a successful employee to participate in. Having enough rest each night will lead to better ideas and better performance at the workplace. Why not reward that?

The idea of getting a full night’s sleep also translates to getting a full day of good work for Fried. If you interrupt someone who is sleeping every 45 minutes, would you say they had a good night’s sleep? Of course not. Fried (smartly) thinks this applies to the workplace as well. If you interrupt someone who is working every 45 minutes, how do you expect them to get a good day of work in?

We’re about to move into a new office space and have taken measures to minimize distractions through the interior design. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these work and will share our experiences along the way. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and listen to the latest podcast of The Journal to hear Fried’s thoughts on today’s workplace and how he and his team work at Basecamp. I’m sure the jobs page on will be getting a huge uptick in hits after enough people listen to this podcast.

photo credit: Marc Garrett