Designing an Urgent Call for Support

Block Club recently designed a social media campaign for Journey’s End Refugee Services, which provides refugees with the resources and support they need to become successful, active and contributing members of the Western New York Community. Journey’s End offers door-to-door resettlement services, plus education, employment, immigration-legal and interpretive services. In light of the government’s recent restrictions on foreign travel into the United States—including those with legal refugee status—agencies like Journeys End are responding with renewed calls for support.

We created bold and direct graphics for Journey’s End to utilize to engage with its donor base and spread the message about the crucial services they provide to refugee families resettled in our community. The copy—“New Ban. Same Fight.”—speaks to the urgency of the latest challenge, and the need for supporters to continue giving, despite changes in federal funding. The images were optimized for use across Journey’s End’s social media accounts and digital platforms.

Journey’s End assists more than 3,000 refugees and immigrants every year. If you’d like to help them continue to improve the quality of life for these vulnerable men, women, and children you can visit their site to make a donation.