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Dispatch: Ma Première Semaine à Paris

I survived the first week of my Paris residency! If you could see the way motorists, scooterists and bicyclists handle the streets around here you would agree that is actually a real success.

Anyone in the home office, who has seen me eat the same salad every day at 12:17 p.m., can attest that I am (beyond) a routine-oriented person. But here my workweek routine has changed dramatically and it’s been great so far.

Each morning I wake up and do an hour or so of work on my most urgent tasks. Then I take a short walk to the coffee shop a few buildings down, Thank You, My Deer, where they make excellent Americanos. I then walk to la boulangerie around the corner to get a croissant and my sandwich for lunch. I like it there because it is owned by a kind woman who speaks to me in slow, simple French, rather than switching to English, which many people seem to find the easier alternative when they hear my accent or see me slowly attempting to translate in my head. Then I go for a short walk, trying to check out different side streets every day (thanks for the tip, Ben!). When I get home I usually have about four and a half hours of solid work time before my 3:30 p.m. daily meeting with the team in Buffalo.

Block Club is a bustling office, and it is luxurious to have so much quiet time here to focus on work. Right now I am working on many detailed design projects and the amount of focus I find working at my little table in my apartment is wonderful. Spending the first half of my day working quietly and the second half of the day reviewing, revising and finalizing work with the team via Slack and video chat leaves me feeling very productive by day’s end. I was worried I might feel separated from the group back home while I was away, but I still feel incredibly in touch and immersed in our office life.

Above is my view from our weekly meeting. Note that even Miles was present for my first big meeting from across the sea. 🙂