The Key to Rest

A recent article by the BBC sheds some light on a survey from last year called The Rest Test. One of the goals of the survey was to determine what rest actually means to different people and whether or not there is a link between rest and well-being.

The results showed that spending time alone was one of the top three restful activities amongst those that were surveyed. The other two items were reading and being in a natural environment. These are often activities that you do on your own as well.

My dad has always woken up super early. Growing up, I used to think he was crazy but he always said that he liked the quiet time alone to himself before everyone else got up and the day really got started. I now do the same thing and really enjoy the quiet and stillness of my house before the rest of my family wakes up. Just sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee and letting my mind wake up is a calming way to start the day.

I think that everyone could benefit from some alone time. Just find a time that works best for you, set your phone in another room and be restful with your thoughts for as long as you can.