Manage Ideas with

At Block Club, whether we’re taking notes at a kickoff ideation session or smack in the middle of a complex, multi-faceted project, we’ve always got some poster board and sticky notes on hand for idea and project mapping.

It’s all well and good to get things kicked off, but for the more complex, abstract, big picture projects where you need to constantly check in on progress and big picture approach—after even just a few days, it’s easy to start feeling a little resentful towards that space-consuming poster board. Unfortunately, a word processing document can’t properly capture the flow of ideas for these things, or give you much wiggle room to pin up image inspiration, either.

In the midst of a fledgling software development project, just when I was feeling a little overwhelmed by sticky notes, the City Dining Cards crew tipped me off to an app called, a program that allows you to organize your project mapping in one cleanly organized, re-workable, never-ending page. There are tools for image pins, for connective arrows and figures, for super easy hierarchical layouts, and interwoven, interdependent concepts. These “murals” live on your account indefinitely, always ready for changes, and are incredibly easy to convert to one-page PDF files.

Start with a messy poster board, end with a mural. Ta da.