Mile by Mile: Buffalo on Instagram

Mile by Mile: Buffalo

Our friend and all-around nice guy, Jim Cielencki, has already worn many hats in his day—pro BMX rider, business owner and master taco chef just to name a few—but his ambitious new endeavor has him pounding the pavement in yet a new and quite literal way.

Jim is training for the Buffalo Marathon this summer and, in doing so, has made it his goal to run every single block in the city of Buffalo. Thankfully for us all, he’s brought his camera along for his runs and he has been amassing a great collection of snapshots from lesser-known locales around our city which might otherwise go unnoticed. Jim’s curbside vantage point gives him an opportunity to showcase some of the unique gems hiding within Buffalo’s neighborhoods, whether beautiful, ragged or downright strange. And, as you can see, he’s already covered some serious ground:


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