Adventures in Brand Management: My Spelling Safety Net

As a Block Club brand manager, I am constantly writing messages within my browser on Basecamp, the software we use to organize all of our concurrent projects. The nature of my role has me toggling between projects on the fly and, until recently, I was writing an untold number of those messages without the safety of autocorrect. To my clients, I apologize for any misspelled words!

I wish I weren’t so reliant on a program to check my work, but I’ve grown accustomed to a safety net to catch me when I’ve, say, mistyped a word or misused a comma. So, when I discovered the Grammarly Google Chrome extension, it was a gamechanger.

Seriously, download it now… It’s ok; I’ll wait.

Benefits of Grammarly

Now that you have your fancy new app extension, let me tell you why it’s so great:

  1. This extension checks your spelling, sentence structure, style, punctuation, and grammar–all for free.
  2. At the end of each week, Grammarly emails you a summary of the mistakes you made, allowing you to track your improvement!
  3. There is also a downloadable version to check your Word docs. I’m partial to the browser extension, but I’ve heard great things about the download.

According to my most recent summary, Grammarly checked 6,000 words for me in one week, and I use more unique words than 94% of other Grammarly users. Tell me how you did!

Pro Tip: There are more advanced, paid versions of Grammarly, which are sometimes available at a steep discount. My colleague Steve took advantage of the sale and “highly recommends this service.” That said, the simple, free program has worked well for me.

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