National Fuel Launches New Consumer Survey

Block Club and National Fuel recently launched, a new consumer survey for existing and prospective National Fuel customers.

The energy company came to Block Club with the goal of gaining consumer perception about their energy consumption, natural gas production and National Fuel’s various services. The survey also invites existing residential and commercial customers to provide feedback or express concerns that they may have about either natural gas or National Fuel.

The first task was to develop the consumer survey. Block Club met with National Fuel, and conducted its own research, to identify important talking points. Questions were then developed that would yield calculable and informative results. These questions address both high-level and low-level matters, from the natural-gas industry to customer service. With this input, National Fuel can build a strategy to address these information gaps and focus their messaging accordingly.

Block Club designed a simple one-page website to gather this information. The 12-question survey takes only a few minutes to complete and will go a long way in helping everyone make informed choices about energy and natural gas. Please take a moment of your time to take the survey for yourself.