New Identity for Posthaste

A New Identity for Posthaste

We recently had the opportunity to design a fun identity for Posthaste, a new product from Clearview Social. Most companies recognize that regular blogging and social media strategy is critical for building awareness and solidifying an engaged audience online, but many employees don’t have lots of time to devote to researching, drafting and editing a thoughtful post every week. Posthaste accelerates the process of writing blog posts by formatting selected text from a source and making it easy to add your perspective, a custom title and image, all within an easy-to-use interface.

The key attribute of Posthaste is speed: Just a few clicks and keystrokes and you are on your way. We needed something recognizable, relatable and scalable (down to the size of a widget icon) that relayed the idea of swiftness and agility. We drew this icon of a rabbit, mid-sprint, and paired it with a round, lightweight and friendly wordmark. We arrived at a blue-on-blue color palette that is easy on the eyes and screen-friendly. And I’m pleased to say I finally got to design an identity with an animal brandmark (a graphic design bucket list item for me).

Want to learn more about Posthaste? See their promotional video here, or go here to learn more about Clearview Social.