TR Sign Painting

Painted with Back, Hand and Heart

Many of the Block Club team members spent the weekend at Tommyrotter Distillery putting the finishing touches on the tasting room in advance of their opening this Saturday, July 18.

I spent much of my time hand painting the brandmark on the gigantic metal door behind the bar. The surface is far from flat and it was a challenge to compensate for the distortion, but all in all it was a cathartic break from the computer. Also there was no command Z so that sucked.

This version of the brandmark with “spirits made from back, hand and heart” wrapping is just one piece of the flexible identity system we created for Tommyrotter, which includes a variety of lockups for the many applications from labels to stickers to signage.

You can see more of Block Club’s branding and interior design work by visiting Tommyrotter Distillery starting this Saturday.