Patternity Tests

When building a brand’s visual identity, one fun way to strengthen brand connections is by using custom patterns in place of background photography or textures. In context of a larger piece, the eye will usually process a repeating pattern as a textural element that fades to the back in terms of focus; something about the predictability and repetition causes our brains to accept it and move on quickly without paying too much attention. This provides designers with an opportunity to sneak in some fun illustrations or brand elements under the radar, while at the same time spicing up an overall design with just a little extra content or brand tie-in.

While patterns aren’t appropriate for every project or every brand, the team here at Block Club has found ourselves playing around with them a lot recently in our work and it’s been a lot of fun (see some of my patternal progeny above). The organic randomness that this work often entails can be a really satisfying tonic to long days of regimented design work where everything has to line up exactly to a grid and lines are rarely crossed.