Poser Marketing: The Continuing Crisis

A few months ago I wrote a short piece entitled “A Millennial Plea: You Do You,” about the misguided ways in which companies are using media channels such as Instagram to connect to a younger audience. My thesis there was that in this segmented digital age, marketing to a specific audience should focus on getting your content into the right channels where they will see it, rather than dressing up a campaign with generation-specific pop culture, which often reads as artificial.

I’d just like to briefly revisit the topic with a few examples which swiped past my 32-year-old millennial eyeballs as I was trying to look at pictures of my friends’ babies, new homes, Icelandic vacations and cats.

Discover wants us to know that not only are they one hip credit card, they’re enamel-pin-on-a-jean-jacket hip! Vitamin Water wants us to know that they get down and give no… regrets about it. Neither of which really conveys any message about their respective product; there is no value proposition here other than the cheap veneer of relatability. To which I say: