PrEP Campaign Video for Evergreen Health Services

You may have seen some of the static elements of the PrEP awareness campaign we created for Evergreen Health Services up around Buffalo or in a previous post, but the campaign will also include some more lively components, which we will be debuting in the near future. The first of which is this short animated video:

It was a really fun challenge to apply the bright and colorful campaign artwork style to a motion graphics piece. I have always really enjoyed the process of storyboarding and designing for animation, as it provides you with a range of design options to play with not afforded by print or traditional media.

I think the simplistic style of the campaign art and fun color palette translated perfectly to this simple block animation style. And once we were able to see this work combined with voiceover and music, the final product really came alive in an exciting way.

This short video will soon live at the top of the full campaign website – stay tuned for details. Until then, you can enjoy it on YouTube.