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Protest Signs Bring the Laughs

Political conversation is rampant these days. More than any other time in recent history, Americans have taken to the streets in opposition to the new administration’s policies. Thanks to social media, we have a front-row seat to these rallies, marches and protests. Given the weight of the president’s agenda, responses have been resoundingly heartfelt—there are lots of opinions on both sides of the aisle. But humor has taken a big seat at the table and has been used in a variety of ways to address dissenters’ emotions.

I’ve collected a few of my favorite humorous protest signs, noticed online, from recent demonstrations. I appreciate the use of sarcasm in many of them, calling out not only their opposition’s argument but doing so with a heavy-handedness. Mockery can be so witty. Other protesters seize the moment to comment on societal issues irrelevant to the subject at hand—or maybe Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account does relate to our media obsession? Hmm.

Humor is entertaining but it’s also a coping mechanism. Though these signs can be perceived as shallow, I think they show great ownership of their protestors’ wherewithal to stand up and speak out. However one chooses to protest, what’s important is that their views are informed, their facts are correct, and their right to speak freely is never taken for granted.