‘Rams’ Teaser Reminds that Simplicity Is the Key to Brilliance

Gary Hustwit, who produced and directed the films “Helvetica” and “Objectify,” has a new film that will be popping up in theaters (or possibly streaming somewhere this year) called “Rams,” and I cannot wait for it.

The film is about one of the most important designers of our day: Dieter Rams, the German industrial designer who has designed consumer products for Braun and Vitsœ, and overseen many others. His product design adheres to a mantra he created, the “Ten Principles for Good Design.” The mantra can relate to many creative fields and many other disciplines, and help guide your work to success.

Even his older product designs still influence the today’s design trends. (Steve Jobs looked to his T3 transistor radio for inspiration when designing the first iPod.) Rams’s principles called for good design to last a long time, and he believed in “less but better” in all of his design work, which is why I can see how a lot of today’s products reference his products and style.

A lot of his ideals line up with what I believe when it comes to making great work. I always have thought the same, that the simplest solutions are usually the correct solutions. “Simplicity is the key to brilliance,” says Rams.