#random Highlights, August Edition

We love Slack here at Block Club. For quick, internal branding and strategy project questions, it saves time that might otherwise be spent trying to reach a co-worker by phone or typing up an email.

We also love Slack for more fun conversations. It’s a great place to learn about our co-workers’ latest music obsessions (via the #music channel) or what’s happening in the world of sports (via the #welikesports channel). But our #random channel is by far my favorite, and it’s where, you guessed it, Block Club team members share anything and everything random they’ve come across on the internet.

Our #random channel saw a lot of good action in the month of August. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Post Haste

Block Club also loves Mailchimp, and has been using it for years. Mailchimp is always coming out with something new and exciting, even if it doesn’t directly relate to content marketing. Case in point: this old-school computer game Mailchimp created to facilitate your procrastination. Just use your arrow keys and spacebar to help Young Freddie Von Chimpenheimer deliver postcards for the family business. Play for yourself.

2. Dressed to Kill…Ants?

Someone out there is dressing up anteaters in clothes, and there are amazing photos to prove it.

3. A Rare Breed

A shelter in Davenport, Iowa, is trying to find a home for a 30-pound cat named Meatloaf. Good news, if you’re in the market for a lot of Meatloaf. Any takers?

4. Fake News

Staying on the topic of animals, it’s amazing what can happen when you splice together two videos

5. Last and, Literally, Least

For all you guys who’ve been dying for a crop top that “fits you just right,” ASOS has you covered. Kind of.

Be sure to check back toward the end of September for another roundup from Block Club’s #random channel.