#random Highlights, September Edition

We love Slack here at Block Club. For quick, internal branding and strategy project questions, it saves time that might otherwise be spent trying to reach a co-worker by phone or typing up an email.

We also love Slack for more fun conversations. It’s a great place to learn about our co-workers’ latest music obsessions (via the #music channel) or what’s happening in the world of sports (via the #welikesports channel). But our #random channel is by far my favorite, and it’s where, you guessed it, Block Club team members share anything and everything random they’ve come across on the internet.

Our #random channel saw a lot of good action in the month of September. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Notes we can’t remember taking

Whether we were in a meeting or had a eureka moment we can’t remember why we wrote these notes down.

2. Is your agency on Tinder?

It’s common sense to put your business on all the major social media platforms, but now apparently it’s not enough to just like or favorite a business, we have to swipe left on them, too. Found in the footer of Achos, an agency in Barcelona I hope to visit when I’m there on residency next month, but just as friends…

3. It’s going to be a long season.

Football has been back for a couple of weeks, and our beloved Buffalo Bills coming off of their first playoff appearance in 17 years are back to their usual regular season form. They’re probably going to be pretty terrible again. So terrible that veteran cornerback Vonte Davis decided not to stick around and find out and instead retired at halftime, prompting this Slack share at Block Club the next day.

4. Kids are cute.

I think we’re missing a few emojis from this correspondence. 

5. Send me your bread.

Tofu Chan is the dog behind the conspiracy that gluten is bad for you. He just wants free bread.


Be sure to check back toward the end of October for another roundup from Block Club’s #random channel.

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