Rebranding Elderhood With Laurie Menzies, Esq.

The elder care attorneys at Pfalzgraf, Beinhauer & Menzies LLP (PBM) have long been uniquely positioned to not only assist their clients with necessary end-of-life legal services but also to guide their clients toward a happy, vibrant and fulfilling elderhood through intensive long-range planning that considers all aspects of an individual’s needs and wants in advanced age.

Laurie Menzies, a partner at the firm, has been at the forefront of their efforts. For years, she has written books, given talks and conducted workshops on the topic under the brand Embracing Elderhood and has made impressive inroads in the process. Her efforts helped PBM cultivate a local reputation as the premier elder law resource in Western New York. But with changing times, market trends and media consumption habits, the firm and Laurie needed help repositioning her brand to not only better convey her status as a holistic aging consultant, but also to help her compete in the digital space as a national subject-matter expert. And for that, they turned to Block Club.

In close consultation with Laurie, we reoriented her brand under the mantle Longevity Planning, and we devised a product model and easy-to-sustain content creation and distribution strategy that effectively captures her peerless authority, authentic empathy, and genuine passion for helping individuals and their loved ones navigate the legal, financial, healthcare, and social considerations of advanced age.

The centerpiece of our project with Laurie is the redesigned, which was designed, like Laurie’s approach to her work, to be warm and informative. Though the website cannot resolve major legal, personal or financial issues, it serves as a first step toward peace, preparation, and agency during a precarious and uncertain time of life. In line with Laurie herself, the website is upbeat and welcoming, it encourages self-reflection, and it grapples with difficult subject matter with grace.

The website was designed with baby boomers, elder adults, and their adult children in mind, but nearly anyone can take solace in the positivity with regard to aging Laurie radiates through her site. Since working on this project, even those of us at Block Club in our 30s (i.e., all of us) have started to reframe the way we think about our own impending elderhoods.

To learn more about Laurie and her remarkable work, check out her new and improved website. And while you’re there, be sure to peruse her thoughtful, sensitive blog full of tremendous insight on aging with grace and joy.