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Long before Buffalo’s Tommyrotter Distillery had an award-winning line of sought-after craft spirits in bars and retailers throughout the Northeast, they came to Block Club for help developing every aspect of their nascent brand from the ground up. When launched in 2015, as a part of their initial brand rollout strategy, the goal was to establish the new company’s position and educating would-be consumers about their unique perspective. Aesthetically, we stringently adhered to visual brand standards in order to help reinforce the look and feel of the new company and establish the brand. Three successful years later, Tommyrotter has an expanded line of products and a burgeoning following in the national market, so the time was right to update their web presence to better suit the current state of the company.

We recently launched an updated version of with enhanced design and content, reflecting their more mature position. Now that their product line has grown to include new spirits and special limited-release products, the brand and packaging system we designed has fully blossomed into the dynamic and exciting look that we initially envisioned, and the new site capitalizes on this development by utilizing a lot more product photography. When you have a product line that looks as good as Tommyrotter Distillery’s does, it would be a shame not to show it off.

Head over to to take a tour of the updated site and look for Tommyrotter spirits at fine retailers and establishements in your neighborhood.