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  • Buffalo Brand Agency - Block Club - Ryan's 2018 Halloween Playlist

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Release The Bats: A Haunted Halloween Playlist

Rock music and Halloween are a match made in…hell. And yet, the standard tunes that pop culture dusts off every October (Thriller, Screamin Jay, Alice Cooper, etc.) don’t really pack the punch that an unholy union of that magnitude should (at least not anymore in these truly scary times). Did you realize that The Monster Mash is really just a song written about a song called The Monster Mash, and no one’s ever even heard that song?

Either way, I think The Mash has been spun enough times that it has gone stale. So, I set out to compile a different kind of soundtrack for Halloween: one that dials up the voltage to monster-animating levels; one that is light on the classics and heavy on the deep bloody cuts. For all the rock ‘n’ rollers out there, I dug down into the twisted crypts of rock, garage, punk, and everything in between to summon the spookiest guitar music possible to haunt your eardrums from now until All Hallow’s Eve.

Beware! This playlist is not for the faint of heart. Play at your own risk! Beyond this point, you’ll find only evil sounds that may take over your extremities and possess your brain for days to come–all hand-picked by the demented mind of yours truly. As always, don’t forget to follow Block Club on Spotify (@blockclub). Happy haunting and… release the bats!