Block Club’s Residency Program Preps for Paris

I’m very excited to announce that on the heels of Ben’s successful trip to Amsterdam last fall, I am the next team member to participate in Block Club’s residency program! I will be bon voyage-ing in mid-April to work remotely and gather inspiration in Paris for six weeks. While there, I will explore French culture, meet with other creative agencies and fill my eyes with the beautiful streetscapes, architecture, art and design that the city has in abundance.

Why Paris? Cheese, for starters, and to indulge my deep affection for French cinema, ye-ye music and effortless sense of style. But also, when I visited Paris in 2014 for an all-too-short week, I fell in love with the dense streets and alleyways, their generations-old storefronts adorned with beautiful typography, embellishments and so much hand-painted signage.

In this world of digital everything, where most of my day is spent in front of a screen obsessing over an anchor point or a misplaced pixel, it is humbling and inspiring to be in a city of the ages, where the human hand is more apparent. As a designer who shies away from the overly ornamental in much of my work, I look forward to soaking in design and architecture from a more classical perspective, from hands that have a more masterful handle on flourishes and decorative touch.

Through all of this, I will continue to work remotely on all existing and ongoing projects here at Block Club, with the support of our incredible team, who I will be collaborating with (from six hours in the future!) from a sunny apartment in the 11th arrondissement. Six weeks until I head out and I couldn’t be more excited to shake up my routine, explore a (mostly) unfamiliar city and return with a trove of inspiration for the team to tap into.