Ryan’s Best of 2016 Playlist

In an effort to hold onto some of the positives from this past year of political upheaval and celebrity death, I put together a playlist of some of my most favorite music that was released in 2016.

Many of these tracks were pulled from my favorite albums of the year, but some I just consider isolated gems delivered on lesser records. Without any real design on my part here, this mix covers quite a bit of ground stylistically—some mainstream picks that we all loved, some less hyped artists and plenty of current artists revisiting a nostalgic sound (at least for someone born in the mid ’80s). I’m a rock-and-roll guy at heart with a penchant for the darker side of the spectrum, but lately my tastes have been expanding in every direction, so with an open mind there’s probably a little something here for everyone.

Cheers to (in my opinion) some of the brighter spots of 2016.