Say Yes to education

Say Yes

We recently wrapped up work on a video project for Say Yes Buffalo. Say Yes is an amazing organization that brings together public schools, parents, teachers and law-makers to make education better for our children here in Buffalo. They also promise to send every student who graduates from a Buffalo public school to college for free. Yes, free!

That was reason enough to get excited about putting this video together. But the true enjoyment came once we started working with the children, parents and teachers that were selected to play a role in the story. It was a lot of work to coordinate all of the shoots and make sure everyone was comfortable with their part. It was all worth it in the end though when the final video came together. Take a look:

We couldn’t have done it without John Paget and his team from Paget Films. John’s critical eye for detail and his ability to tell a story through video was why we wanted to partner with him on this project.

After you’ve watched the video be sure to visit this page to learn more about what you can do to support Say Yes.