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Attract Top Talent

Branding isn’t limited to consumers; employees count, too.

If finding and retaining right-fit employees is a challenge, you’ll want to take a hard look at the brand you’re presenting to both your internal team and the job candidates who cross your path.

In short, you need to consider your employer brand. You can think of your employer brand as your business or organization’s reputation as a place to work. It shapes what people expect from the experience of being employed by you, and it affects how likely prospective employees are to apply for and accept the jobs you offer. A strong employer brand also helps you identify candidates who align with your workplace culture.

Block Club can help you build out your employer brand platform and activate it in the marketplace, so you can optimize your recruitment and hiring processes for a better-fitting, happier, and more productive team.

What We Do
  • Employer brand audits
  • Employer brand positioning
  • Voice, tone, and attributes
  • Key messages and talking points
  • Employer brand stories
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branded content
  • Employee profiles
  • Video
  • Branded swag and collateral
  • Microsites and landing pages

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