Slack Hacks: Custom Emoji

We’re not sure how we functioned before we started using Slack. This messaging app has increased our efficiency by handling communication that would otherwise take place via a meeting, an email or a face-to-face discussion. Cutting down on the need for those items has helped us save lots of time and get things done quicker.

Aside from the Giphy integration (which allows you to easily pull in a keyword-specific gif and hilarity ensues) our new favorite option is the ability to create custom emoji. We don’t have a system in place just yet as to who gets their own custom emoji and why. It just seems to happen when it’s the right time and someone has a few spare minutes to spend creating the custom emoji.

My favorite emoji so far has to be of our fearless director of business development Dave, who is having too much fun in his emoji.


If your team is on Slack you can learn more about how to create custom emoji’s here.