A Springtime Logo Cleanse

Spring cleaning can come in many forms, from finally purging the basement and attic, to cleaning out your now-thawed yards that Fido has been using as his toilet all winter. Or, it could finally be the time to refresh that old logo you’ve been using for the past couple of decades.

How do you know if it’s finally time to refresh that look? Well, here are several friendly observations to help you determine if that logo needs to be put out on garbage day.

Observation 1
Does your logo adapt well to modern use? Your old logo may have worked well as a sign for your brick-and-mortar business, but does it look good on a website or smartphone? If your logo predates the internet as we know it, then it wasn’t built to work on the digital landscape.

Observation 2
Has your company’s values, vision or customer base changed in any significant way? If so, then you may want to consider how those changes need to be visually communicated through your brand and logo.

Observation 3
Did you sacrifice the long-term look for the short-term trend? Well, you’re probably paying for it again if you chose the latter. It goes without saying; trends come and go, and if you fell for the dazzle of the day then your brand probably looks pretty dated and not in a good way. Great companies that think about how they want their brand to look long term usually go through small refinements to their logo, versus a total teardown that can cost way more; with big changes comes the possibility of customer backlash.

If you’ve fallen into any of those observations, you may want to consider an updated look. Let us help you out and get your brand looking tip-top.