Take A Breath

I’ve tried out a handful of meditation apps over the years with varying degrees of success. Like most things that take practice to perfect, it’s a matter of sticking with them to realize their benefits.

Kevin Rose of Digg, Google Ventures and podcasting fame, recently launched a new meditation app called Oak. Rose studied traditional meditation methods of Zen, Vipassana and Transcendental Meditation before deciding he wanted to create a meditation app that would blend technology and meditation in a useful way.

Rose worked with thousands of beta testers to refine the app before launching it to the public. I’ve been using the final product for around a month so far and am already feeling the benefits. The biggest difference that I see is that I’m far less likely to get agitated about something that previously would have set me off. For example, I had a hard time merging into traffic the other day as nobody was letting me in. This would have normally caused me all sorts of stress and anger, but it didn’t bother me this time.

Similar to going to the gym, you have to stick with meditation for it to work. I’m looking forward to other benefits, such as the ability to focus better, as well as getting a better night’s sleep.