Take a Walk

It’s 12:16 p.m. and I just finished lunch. I could easily see myself settling back into my office chair and scanning the interwebs for a few more minutes before getting back to work. But instead, I look out the window to confirm it’s not sleeting and doesn’t look too cold so I venture outside for a walk.

A ten to fifteen-minute walk after lunch is one of the best things I can do during the workday. Not only does it help avoid any post-lunch-food-comas, but it often serves as a time for random inspiration.

My favorite route includes a trip down North Pearl Street, which is one of the most beautiful streets in the city. It’s a quiet street with amazing homes that showcase all sorts of unique architectural elements. Depending on which season we’re in, North Pearl offers inspiration wherever you look.

I highly recommend taking some time for a post-lunch walk as often as possible. It will do wonders for the rest of your work day and you never know what you might come across.