PrEP Website

Previously, we’ve shared a few components of the media campaign we created for Evergreen Health Services to help get the word out about PrEP, an important type of HIV prevention drug. The series of billboards and print advertisements we created have gotten a lot of visibility throughout WNY over the past few months in order to raise awareness. However, it is through the campaign’s website,, that we were really able to effectively dispel some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the drug and hopefully connect people with the information they need to stay healthy and prevent new cases of HIV.

The layout of the site is simple, and direct—immediately addressing the three most fundamental questions a person might have: “What is PrEP?”, “Is PrEP right for me?” and “How do I get PrEP?”. The animated video we created lives at the top of the page as a helpful condensed overview while the accordion-style FAQ section provides more specific information to help address any other concerns. Finally, the “About Evergreen” section explicitly directs people to where they need to go in order to get protected.

We’ve incorporated the same design strategies here that we utilized elsewhere with this campaign—bright swaths of color popping off a black background with friendly illustrations—into an easy, single-page interface, so that the message is impossible to miss.

Hopefully this simple, yet information-rich site can be an important tool to help get more at-risk individuals on PrEP; a revolutionary step forward in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Visit today.