Thanksgiving Food

Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

To celebrate the upcoming holiday we decided to embrace two of our favorite things for a fun Clubhaus post: food and the ubiquitous “Which ____ are you?” quiz. What can we say, we are simple people.

Everyone on the Block Club team was asked to take this very scientific quiz from USA Today to find out which Thanksgiving food best represents them. The results were deliciously accurate and a little off-putting. Dig in!


Naturally, our co-founder and principal Patrick was the turkey. The quiz results declared: “You are the life of the party. Always in the spotlight, an event without you in attendance would be a second-rate affair.” Spot on.


The ever-patient and cool-headed Margaret and Steve both tested as mashed potatoes: “You’re both versatile and classic. … You’re just as comfortable attending a black-tie affair as you are roughing it on a camping trip and have just as much fun doing either.”


Given that he has a hand in every Block Club project, Ben’s assessment as stuffing makes total sense: “Like Batman’s Robin, your supportive role is equally important. A party without you in attendance would just feel wrong.” Like a turkey without stuffing, a project without Ben just feels incomplete.


Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly!), Ryan, Dave, Brandon, Tim, Julie and Pat all tested as Brussels sprouts! “You’re either loved or hated. With such a one-of-a-kind personality, your unique vibes may turn some off.” Who knew the bulk of the Block Club team was so polarizing?

So, which Thanksgiving food are you? Whatever the answer may be, we hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

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