The Comeback of the Pin Is in Full Swing

As a kid in the 90s, I remember going through the enamel pins that were in my family’s junk drawer. I loved how they were cool to the touch, the bright colors that would never fade, and simple metal backing. The resurgence of the jean jacket has brought these beautiful little pieces of flair back in our lives.

Worn like badges of fandom, enamel pins a great, if small, way for devoted consumers to show their appreciation for a brand, city, or element of pop culture. Forget producing custom keychains to promote your brands; pins are back, baby.

Here is are how I see some of my favorite pin designs working for Buffalo-area businesses:

Hey, Lloyd. It’s time to jump on this taco train.
taco enamel pin

Paula’s Donuts‘ cult following would eat these up.

donut enamel pin

Whenever I don my pizza pin, I get tons of compliments and comments. This could be you, LaNova.

enamel pizza pin

Purrfect Buffalo, you should create an enamel mascot for each of your fur babies.

enamel cat pin