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The Daily 360

Full-view camera technology has come a long way and quickly, with the ability to shoot 360-degree footage right from our smartphones. Although it can seem pointless when used ineffectively, 360 point of view is becoming a fantastic tool for enhanced storytelling.

The New York Times has been using this technology since last year, and curates a playlist called The Daily 360. Each day, a new video is uploaded that gives viewers spectacular insights and access to a visual story.

To date, The Daily 360 has gone inside an NRA conference, Emily Dickinson’s home and Auschwitz. It’s also showcased up-close-and-personal views of what it’s like to be a dung beetle or tiny dancers auditioning for a role at the School for American Ballet. See the latest videos here:

Imagine how a business or organization could utilize this technology to further their brand story and showcase their products or services!