The Origin of the 1980s Aesthetic

The 1980s. What a time to be alive and what a very distinct design aesthetic to be a part of. I’m a big advocate of what I like to call the “confetti” pattern, and try to push it into any and all design projects I can. I am drawn to it probably because I spent many mornings watching “Saved By the Bell,” and its opening credits. Patterns on top of patterns, clashing neon colors and over-the-top fills of textures covering furniture, wallpapers and most importantly, your Trapper Keeper.

Now imagine being a part of a group that invented a generation’s style. Fortunately for us, we can look back to where the look of the ’80s came from. The folks at Vox put together a video outlining the timeline that ends with Memphis. Watch the video and you’ll see I’m not talking about Tennessee.