Tim’s Favorite Rebrands of 2016

Tim’s Favorite Rebrands of 2016

Although 2016 was a dumpster fire of a year, there were some pretty great things that happened creatively.

As a designer at a branding and strategy agency, I am always eager to see a company either rebrand or refresh their look. There is always that initial wave of negative pot shots, then some quiet murmurs of approval from the back row. Eventually we all forget and the new brand becomes woven into our psyche as if it were always there. Trends come and go. Many brands ditched serifs for sans, solids for gradients, details for minimal—every which way seemed to be explored.

Here are five of my favorite rebrands from this year, in no particular order:

Look at those details. They kicked that minimalist trend right in the butt. They refined the letterforms and upped the ante with sophistication and detail in the harp mark. Cheers!

Rochester-based Kodak went down memory lane with this retro, throwback refresh, but, twist alert! They also created a modern take on their packaging. Read more about Kodak’s rebrand.

Minimalism in its ultimate form. I enjoy this rebrand, not only because it’s good but because they actually did it and we all clapped.

A good balance between simplification and detail, without tarnishing the brand’s legacy. I don’t believe they will need to touch this new look for quite some time. It feels timeless.

Charlie Rose
Anything was better than what they previously had, but this rebrand makes an impact, just like the journalist.