Brand Watch: Banza Pasta

Twice now I’ve done a double take in the grocery store over these boxes of Banza pasta, which are so simple and eye catching, standing out like a sore thumb against rows and rows of mostly blue pasta boxes and bags. Banza’s pasta, made from chickpeas, comes in a very bright red box, the large typographic logo dominating the front with just a small window cut to reveal the product inside. On the sides of each box is a geometric pattern designed from the shape of the type of pasta within (cavatappi, ziti, wheels, angel hair, linguine, etc.).

I love this packaging because it takes a product that I am sure many consumers would consider a sort of “new age-y hippie thing” and removes all connotations there of. It’s treated as any basic pantry staple; the major differentiator (it’s made from chickpeas) is screened back and backburnered to the logo itself. It says less “here is a pasta made from an alternative flour” and more “this is pasta now.” It’s a huge step when compared it to their original packaging, which went through this redesign just last year.

Banza makes a line of macaroni and cheese products that is equally strong, in an extended color palette. Again, it’s the straightforward, bright packaging with bold typography and simple iconography that grabs your gaze in a sea of full-color macro photography of spoons holding globs of cheesy noodles.

Look for Banza the next time you are in the pasta aisle, it’s truly hard to miss.