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Dispatch: Visiting Paris Creative Agencies

I’ve had a busy week here in Paris. I met with the very friendly owners of Paris-based creative studio Bonhomme, with whom I had a fantastic conversation about digital design, owning a studio in France, using your skills to do something bigger than yourself, and the importance of doing work which makes you happy. There were plenty of parallels between our two agencies to have common roots, and enough differences to keep the conversation surprising and full of new perspectives. Merci, Bonhomme!

It has been raining here almost every day so I try to take advantage of the bits of sunshine for my walks. I have covered a lot of ground, walking for hours at a time. It’s easy to wander aimlessly with such an endless array of storefronts, beautiful signage and window displays.

Of particular note was a fantastic paper goods shop called Papier Tigre, which carried beautifully designed notebooks, cards, calendars, mobiles, etc. in brightly colored, geometric patterns.

Today I stopped by Merci (self-proclaimed ”more than a concept store”) which was a fashion and home goods store covering three floors that had the raddest interior display for summer in which the whole first floor was outfitted to look like a swimming pool.

A few snapshots from the week above.