Pacific Northwest

A Week in Washington

I just returned from a week in the great state of Washington, where I split my time between a cabin nestled in the forest on a 200-acre communal permaculture farm outside of sleepy Toledo, WA (population 700) and Mount Rainier National Park.

It was my first time in the Pacific Northwest and holy cannoli, the beauty of it was truly staggering. Ancient trees that sprouted in the 13th century, have bark like carved rock and tower over you like judgmental ancestors. Rolling farmland surrounded by salmon rivers and the greenest foothills I’ve ever seen. Alpine meadows to rival my trip to Switzerland last year tucked at the foot of the imposing rocky slopes of Mount Rainier. The view from above the clouds as they roll across the thirteen peaks of the Tatoosh range.

I spent the week drinking up the sun in the fields, swimming in the creek behind my cabin, reading and drawing nonstop, hiking through a snowstorm, looking at the stars and getting totally drenched in rain for like, I dunno, five straight hours one day. It was an incredibly restorative and inspiring trip, culminating in an amazing meal at Toro Bravo in Portland, which nearly brought me to my knees after six days of PB&J.

Here’s to the Fall hiking season kicking off in Western New York, see y’all out there!