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Weekend Roundup: Space!

In light of the incredible supermoon and lunar eclipse combo coming our way Sunday night, we’re easing into this weekend with a little roundup of all things astronomical.

1. Hat tip to Block Club designer Tim Staszak, who recently clued us in to the fact that NASA has made its 1970s Graphics Standard Manual available as a free PDF. So cool!

2. Another awesome space/design mashup: this January, NASA released a lovely series of travel posters that explores the idea of vacationing on planets discovered by NASA’s Kepler telescope.

3. Aaaaand taking off these official NASA pants and slipping into something a bit more comfortable: a quick check-in with on our favorite film characters who are, presumably, still lost in space.

4. Meanwhile, in space-related fiction: a gorgeous, haunting little story from Jonathan Lethem about a crew of astronauts stranded in a deteriorating space station.

5. Have you been following NASA astronaut Scott Kelly’s year in space? He’s shared some incredible photos from his mission thus far.

6. And finally… humans-in-space facts! Did you know? It’s possible that the shooting star you saw a while back was actually Scott Kelly’s flaming human poop. Make a wish!

7. Future human, would you like to live in space someday? I might consider it, depending on whether there will be a dedicated green thumb in the station to prevent me from killing all of our spacehouse vegetables. That sounds nice! On the other hand, space is also a place where, perhaps within only two years of weightless living, your gravity-favoring body will quickly atrophy, your eyes and heart eventually bulging and withering away to little more than vestigial accessories adorning the tired, deconditioned blob you have become. What to do, future space human? Launch a bundle of poop from your rocket ship into the cold, vast expanse of space; watch it flame out into a shooting star. Realize that someone, somewhere—220 miles below you, still living back on Earth—probably just wished on it, and laugh, feeling both deeply alone and deeply connected. I’ll say it again: life is very gross, but also very beautiful.

Happy supermoon!