When Robyn Meets Raffi: Our Picks for a Fantasy Friendsgiving

As a branding agency that wants better, we here at Block Club think Friendsgiving should be an official holiday. And if we really had our way, we would all have magical powers to invite anyone we wanted–alive, dead, or fictional–and have them actually show up. But since we don’t, and they won’t, we’ll settle for this listicle of our fantasy Friendsgiving guests instead.

Check out our team’s choice picks:

Patrick Finan, Co-Founder & Principal

Pick: Robyn

“Because I can’t stop listening to her new album, Honey, and because her music always gets people dancing. Plus, she’s Swedish and might come with delicious kardemummabullar (cardamom buns) for breakfast the next day.”

Tim Staszek, Designer

Pick: Ryan Reynolds

“Nobody would be safe from his banter, and I would look forward to him poking fun at everyone at the table, me included. His early work in the TV series ‘The Odyssey,’ ‘Van Wilder,’ and romcoms like ‘Just Friends’ and ‘The Proposal’ are seriously underappreciated. And since he’s Canadian, we could discuss the merits of Thanksgiving in October versus November, hockey, and their healthcare system.”

Dave Horesh, Partner & Director of Strategy

Pick: Raffi

“Without question, I’d have to go with children’s songwriter Raffi. My wife and I both grew up listening to his music and, let me tell you, ‘Bananaphone’ is an absolute showstopper for our five-month-old son. I’d love to have him over for Friendsgiving so we could enjoy a few songs before dinner, then send him off to keep our kid occupied so we could enjoy 45 minutes to ourselves. A man can dream.”

Caitlin Hartney, Senior Copywriter

Pick: David Rose from Schitt’s Creek

“David is all snark and sarcasm and side-eye, and his delivery never fails to make me giggle. Like, I just keep giggling. Incessantly. And that’s all I want out of Friendsgiving or any holiday, really–uncomplicated, unbridled mirth.”

Julie Molloy, Designer

Pick: Joan Didion

“She is my personal benchmark for someone who has lived a truly fascinating life, surrounded by fascinating people, dedicated to creative work. I already know that she is an excellent home cook, and I’d be starry-eyed for her dinner table accounts of the happenings in Malibu in the 60s.”

Steve Soroka, Studio Manager

Pick: Bill Murray

“To be able to pick his brain about his days on SNL, his early movie career, and his roles over the last 15-20 years would be more satisfying than the best stuffing out there.”

Adam Buehler, Brand Manager

Pick: Simon Doonan

“No one makes me laugh more. I love his wicked sense of humor, his cultural references, and his fascination with the bizarre and the absurd.”

Bri Anderson, Brand Manager

Pick: Mary Berry from “The Great British Baking Show”

“There is never a dull moment with Mary. She is sweet, kind, and loves the sauce. I can see us enjoying drinks and dishing about Paul Hollywood. Also, she’d have to bring dessert, which I can only imagine would be scrumptious.”

Brandon Davis, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Pick: Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek

“Moira, played by Catherine O’Hara, is one of the funniest characters on TV right now. Her absurdity and affect would undoubtedly make for an interesting entertaining evening; I’d keep my fingers crossed for at least one wig change.”

Christopher D’Amato, Brand Coordinator

Pick: Virgil Abloh

“He’s the embodiment of high-end streetwear and lo-fi house, my two obsessions at the moment.”

Ryan McMullen, Designer

Pick: Orson Welles

“I recently watched the documentary, ‘They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead,’ detailing the incredible and weird tale of Orson Welles’ unfinished final film, and then I saw the (42-years-late) final edit of that film, which was just released this year, and my mind has been fairly blown by the genius of the whole thing. The lines between art and life seemed to have gotten totally blurred for him, which could definitely make for a memorable party. Plus, Orson was a jolly big boy who you know would truly appreciate some fine food and libations.”