Healing the whole person.

The Buffalo City Mission has embarked on a mission to effectively end homelessness in the City of Buffalo. Their 16-step recovery process—“The DREAM”—identifies the gaps in a homeless person’s life and helps them rebuild by addressing those gaps, healing the whole person from the ground up. Block Club was trusted to devise a pivotal strategic fundraising campaign to target high-value donors to help support the Mission’s ambitious development plans. Block Club conducted extensive research of the local donor base and various foundations to create a comprehensive strategy to help the Mission establish and maintain donor relationships. For the creative campaign, we knew that we’d need to tell their story with passion and precision, so we established relationships with select clients, with the Mission’s support, and told their stories with sensitivity, honor and respect. We created a video and complimentary brand book that focus on “The DREAM” and position the Mission as a longstanding community asset poised to do the unthinkable. Together, these tools and this strategy are helping the Buffalo City Mission make history.