Times are changing. The menu is, too.

Pittsburgh’s Conflict Kitchen is a restaurant with a truly original concept. The eatery, developed at Carnegie Mellon University, serves food native to countries with which the United States is in political conflict. This brings local attention to global issues in the best location possible—around the communal dining table. Every six months, the restaurant switches countries and cuisines, educating customers with every bite of delectable food, which is wrapped in infographic-rich food wrappers. Conflict Kitchen takes every opportunity to tell a meaningful story. Store signage adds more narrative, as does their dedicated staff. The overall experience is one that defies expectations of the casual-food experience; it’s about more than exotic spices. Conflict Kitchen infuses its community with better-informed, well-fed and inspired consumers. Block Club was tasked with building a website to bring these unique elements together in a way that would give Conflict Kitchen the flexibility to adapt for each subsequent featured country. The website builds off the brand’s fresh and engaging visuals and enhances the messaging of this socially engaged concept. Through a user-friendly content management system, Block Club ensured the client could update the site easily post-launch, guaranteeing up-to-date content for a constantly evolving, always relevant restaurant.