A millennia-spanning story of adaptation and innovation.

In preparation for its 140th continuous year in business, iconic beer maker Genesee Brewery engaged Block Club to work with its communications team to develop anniversary positioning that simultaneously honored its past, supported its business development goals, and spoke to its target audience in an authentic and memorable way. Taking into account the brand’s long history, consumer nostalgia for the brewery’s flagship Genny Cream Ale, and the brewery’s recent innovations, including an experimental Pilot Brewery, destination-worthy Brew House restaurant and museum, and commitment to invest in a modern urban eco-brewery district in Rochester, New York, Block Club approached the anniversary positioning as an opportunity to leverage the continuum of Genesee’s timeline as a means of exciting its loyal customers for the next phase of the brewery’s story. In celebration of Genesee’s past, present, and future, Block Club organized the anniversary positioning around three pillars—heritage, culture, and progress—and developed an organizing theme that would pervade every part of the Genesee brand experience in its 140th year: good times were invented and perfected by Genesee. As an extension of that positioning, Block Club developed a set of strategic recommendations for expressing the theme and pillars across packaging, marketing, merchandise, uniforms, and more. The result of Block Club’s work was a focused brand position that ties Genesee’s industrious past and legacy of adaptation and innovation to its present-day importance to Lake Erie/Steel Belt culture.

Good times were invented and perfected by Genesee.

“As marketers, we fall deeply in love with our brands. We hope the people who we work with fully understand, appreciate and communicate in a way that truly captures their essence. When working with the Block Club team on Genesee’s 140th anniversary, they went deep and nailed it on the first round.”

–Mary Beth Popp, OMCP, Corporate Relations Executive