For the community, by the community.

Block Club was chosen to lead a five-year comprehensive branding and marketing initiative that would develop, introduce and promote HOPE Buffalo, a communitywide pledge for teen health spearheaded by a youth and community-led collaborative of diverse stakeholders working together to promote equitable access to high-quality and comprehensive sexuality education and reproductive health services. Central to HOPE Buffalo’s mission is the active involvement of local teens’ voices in the creation and maintenance of its services. To hit the ground running, we engaged with teen leaders throughout all aspects of the initiative to ensure the new brand would resonate with its key audience. We first implemented the brand name creation process to arrive at a brand name representing health, opportunity, prevention and education. That lead to the “HOPE” acronym and identity design. Specific key messages and talking points were then written for each of the key audiences to speak to their unique needs and personalities. Communications and network outreach strategies informed the development of all communications and tactical efforts, including a website, content marketing campaign, videos, and printed materials, all working together to launch and support the brand with force, information and action.