Growing followers, generating affinity.

When Labatt USA, importer of best-selling Canadian beers Labatt Blue and Blue Light, wanted to better reach its core customers on social media, it hired Block Club to foster that connection. To help Labatt USA meet its objectives, Block Club first developed an in-depth psychoanalytical consumer persona for the company’s core brands that articulates the background, attributes, social and professional circumstances, and consumption habits of its target audience. Using that consumer portrait as a guide post, we then distilled a precise value-based brand position, around which we developed a strategic social media plan for the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages that takes into account the various ways in which the consumer persona translates to different channels. Labatt has since retained Block Club to manage its online community and create and post resonate, strategy-driven content to bring out the brand’s sports- and outdoors-loving, gung-ho personality. In the first six months of the partnership, Labatt USA’s followers on Instagram—its target audience’s primary social media platform—grew by nearly a third, and engagement rose sharply, indicating of the quality and loyalty of the new followership. Today, Block Club continues to work with Labatt USA to keep the brand top-of-mind among the beer-drinking social media community.