Bringing a methodology of collaboration to market.

Since its founding in 2002, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc. (BNMC) has created new opportunities for downtown Buffalo by honing a unique 360-degree, systemic model of neighborhood development that considers all factors of community vitality and leverages the synergy of collaboration between anchor institutions, community groups, employees, residents, and proximal businesses. The BNMC’s proprietary approach, dubbed MutualCity, has been so successful that it attracted the attention and support of funders, investors, and partners from around the United States, leading the BNMC to consider establishing a MutualCity consultancy that would lend the methodologies to leaders of other communities looking to replicate its success. To help it scale and realize its full potential as a transformational force, BNMC hired Block Club to set up a strategic communications framework to launch the consultancy. To meet BNMC’s branding objectives, Block Club ran intensive information gathering sessions and workshops with key stakeholders and developed a guiding vision for MutualCity that served to inform messaging and strategy. In the end, Block Club delivered brand positioning, an articulated value proposition and brand principles, and storytelling standards, tools, and tactics to support the public launch of a MutualCity. The consultancy was built on the foundation of its success in Buffalo, guided by the brand strategy and framework developed by Block Club.


“Block Club was a terrific partner helping us to develop creative and concise messaging around a complicated project. The team led us through a strategic process that helped to clarify and strengthen our internal position and allowed us to more clearly communicate our efforts to external audiences.”

–Kari Bonaro, Chief Communications Officer