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Competing with tech’s biggest names for the best of the best.

San Francisco-based fintech startup Plaid needed a content strategy to vie with Silicon Valley’s best companies for the attention of top-caliber employees, so it hired Block Club to devise and implement a solution.

Knowing that Plaid needed to better communicate its strong employer brand—the public-facing version of its internal employee experience—to support its talent recruitment efforts, we created and executed Plaid People, a content franchise that profiles Plaid’s existing employees in a Q&A format.

In telling the stories of accomplished engineers, product managers, and designers, Plaid People serves the company in several ways. First, it demonstrates the high quality of Plaid’s existing workforce as well as the many exciting opportunities for creative collaboration and learning to be found there. It also conveys Plaid’s admirable corporate mission and its uniquely fun, fast-paced, challenging, and democratic culture.

In effect, Plaid People positions the company as a place where high-performers thrive in the words of the people best positioned to authentically communicate that message.

To ensure the franchise reaches Plaid’s target audience—potential recruits and referral sources—Block Club also developed a packaging and distribution plan that includes long-form blog posts, video, and social media assets. The ongoing project continues to meet Plaid’s short- and long-term branding and marketing objectives.