Laser-precise messaging and content for a fast-growing fintech


Rho, a venture-backed corporate spend and cash management company, brings frictionless, automated financial solutions together on a single, centralized platform, so customers can spend less time on tasks like accounts payable and expense tracking and more time scaling their business.

Launched in 2020, Rho found quick success, introducing a corporate card product with its bank partners and growing its annualized transaction volume from just under $2 billion in December 2020 to more than $3 billion between January and November 2021. The dynamic fintech needed to scale quickly and saw value in creating thought leadership, sales enablement, and marketing content that would support and amplify its growth.


We began working with Rho in spring 2021 under the direction of Rho’s director of product marketing, and worked at pace to help hone the company’s brand messaging, assimilate its brand voice and personality, and translate those foundations into results-generating content, including:

  • Web copy that positions the company as an industry leader
  • Case studies, pillar pages, placed media and other sales-enablement tools
  • Thought leadership on topics like credit cards, organizing corporate finances, financial best practices for CFOs and accounts payable, and more

Our relationship with Rho quickly became one of seamless collaboration, understanding, and productivity, resulting in content that leaves prospective customers with a strong sense of who Rho is, what it does, and what success with Rho looks like.