Buon appetito!

Frequent diners know Ristorante Lombardo not only for impeccable food, but for Mr. Lombardo’s legendary laugh, greeting patrons with a smile and a glass of red wine. Referred to by generations of Buffalonians as “Lombardo’s,” the iconic restaurant was looking for a rebrand, having evolved from humble beginnings with more than 40 years in the business. Block Club was tasked with refining its identity to convey the restaurant’s iconic standards of warm, personable service and exquisite Italian cuisine, a reputation for which the restaurant is known and loved, and also appeal to a new generation of discernable diners. Block Club’s approach considered both the institution of Lombardo itself and its ever-evolving edge in innovation, expertise and cordialities. To marry these aesthetics, we paired an old-world, poster-style serif typeface and nested modern sans serif with Bodoni-esque hand-drawn embellishment; three stylized branches represent the three generations of Lombardos who have poured their heart and soul into the restaurant. The result, like the restaurant itself, is a marriage of classic and modern, mature and fresh, upscale and warm.