The return of Alec Baldwin.

Road Less Traveled Productions (RLTP) has an ongoing collaborative relationship with actor Alec Baldwin, friend of RLTP executive director Scott Behrend, and an advisory board member. When Alec was slated to perform a reading of Clifford Odets’s “The Big Knife” for an RLTP fundraiser, the theater turned to Block Club to develop an identity design and content marketing campaign around the much-anticipated event. Building on the play’s noir aesthetic, Block Club designed a dark, moody and mysterious visual campaign that capitalized on the drama of the play and the intrigue of its celebrity guest star. The night was branded “The Return of Alec Baldwin,” an echo of the play’s rootless Hollywood idol protagonist. We capitalized on the holiday retail market, designing exclusive merchandise to be packaged with ticket discounts and sold at local retailers. Digital billboards featured a daily countdown to fuel anticipation for the event. Throughout the campaign, Alec’s face was front and center, building excitement for a monumental, star-studded night.